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There is no feminism,
only possible feminisms
There is no internet,
only possible internets

There is no feminism,
only possible feminisms

There is no internet,
only possible internets

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Produced as the culmination of the first Feminist Internet Residency by artist Ama Ogwo, Memestrilism is a film that explores the digitisation of minstrelsy and the ventriloquism of Blackness online.


In a society that is entangled with AI, what role do young people have in developing its future? How will they choose to live with AI and how might they change it?

Antisemitism & the Internet: Coded Hate Speech in Online Memetics

Antisemitism has found a way to codify itself into the internet as a way to circumvent regulation online, becoming one of the most prolific forms of online hate. This film looks to unpack the codification of Antisemitism online so you can gain the tools to recognise and understand the pressing issues facing Jewish people online and their consequences IRL.


Maru is an anti-harassment chatbot which provides advice & resources from global experts & activists on how to tackle online abuse. Maru was created in collaboration with Plan International in response to increasing online abuse.

Queering Voice AI: Syb

Syb is a prototype voice interface connecting trans and non-binary people to media created by their community. The project was developed through a participatory design process with a team of trans and non-binary people, formed through an open call for a course at the University of the Arts London’s Creative Computing Institute.

Queering AI: Lecture

The lecture, which was part of University of the Arts London's Tech For All Conference. discusses how through a process of Queering we can create technologies that centre the needs of LGBTQ+ people, building towards new and more liberated futures for everyone.

The Recode

The Recode is a publication by Feminist Internet, with articles exploring ethical technology and the people, objects, ideas and spaces that are making the internet a more inclusive space.


F’xa is an AI-powered chatbot that teaches people about AI bias, and makes suggestions on ways the impact of bias occurring in AI systems can be limited. F'xa was created in collaboration with COMUZI and informed our Personal Intelligent Assistant standards and Josie Young’s Feminist Chatbot Design Process.

Designing an Ecological Alexa

Designing an Ecological Alexa was an project hosted as part of IMPAKT Festival which explored the impact technologies have on the environment, and what steps designers can take to mitigate against large-scale environmental damage? The project culminated in a talk from Feminist Internet, Haunted Machines, Normally and Kris De Decker.

Feminist Internet Podcast

The Feminist Internet Podcast series explored the theme of Recoding Spaces, both online and offline, with the aim of diversifying internet spaces metaphorically, physically and digitally, intercepting homogenous zones and breaking the filter bubble. The podcast aims to not only expose these spaces, but to regenerate them in new and inclusive ways.

Tomorrrows Nipple

Tomorrow's Nipple is a film commissioned by The Photographers Gallery that explores the complex intersection of body politics and censorship online. Looking at the ways in which tech companies operate as digital super-states, moderating the internet and the online body.