Queering Voice
AI: Syb

Beginning as a one-week course at the University of the Art’s London’s Creative Computing Institute Queering Voice AI saw a team of majority trans and non-binary people come together to prototype a voice interface purpose towards their community. The result of which was Syb, a prototype voice interface imbued with a unique personality, that promotes trans joy and connects users to queer and trans media. 

In 2021 the project was awarded the inaugural New New Fellowship, allowing the prototype to be developed further for launch in 2022.

Try the initial prototype here ↗

Project leads
Andrew Mallinson & Cami Rincòn

Design Team 
Abe Clark
Ama Ogwo
Anushka Ansal
Cherub Quist
Ella Jonquil Fitzgerald
Finn Weaver
Jo Collier
Maria Demine
Maanushi Goel
Tajah Hamilton

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