Antisemitism &
the Internet

As the internet is the primary forum for the spread of visual media it has unfortunately become a space in which visual hatred is shared. On the right, iterations of Antisemitism have taken a specific form in an attempt to circumvent regulation online. Antisemitic dog whistles are hidden within usernames and comedic or abstract imagery. Antisemites use these abstracted images, signs, and symbols as a way of signalling their views covertly. Equally, on the left, Antisemitism finds itself embedded into anticapitalist memes and political imagery. The pervasiveness of Antisemitism online inevitably leads to real-life violence, with Antisemitic hate crimes being at their highest since World War 2. This film looks to unpack these iterations of coded Antisemitism through which you can gain the tools to recognise it and understand the pressing issues facing Jewish people online and IRL. 

Warning - this video contains content some viewers might find triggering.

Created by
Andrew Mallinson & Conor Rigby

In collaboration with
David Hochhauser and Nicole Zisman

Supported by