In a society that is entangled with AI, what role do young people have in developing its future? How will they choose to live with AI and how might they change it?

We encounter AI in so many aspects of our lives, whether it is determining our social media feeds, finishing our emails, or tracking our search history to sell to advertisers. But what agency do we have to question the amount of control AI exerts over our experiences? How well placed are we to challenge the real-world consequences, injustices, and harms that AI systems can impose, particularly as they disproportionately impact marginalised communities? For so long, decision-making in AI has been laid in the hands of powerful people and corporations, but what would happen if that power was redistributed into the hands of the next generation?

Through a series of workshops developed by Feminist Internet and the Goethe-Institut, participants from across Europe collectively envisioned new futures for AI; futures that place agency in the hands of young people, reimagining the purpose of AI and who it is created to serve. Working through an intersectional feminist lens, alongside a group of subject experts, participants produced a film and a paper that both propose creative solutions to problems within AI and provide tools for future decision-makers.

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Lead Artist
Andrew Mallinson 

Workshop Leads
Alice Thwaite
Arda Awais
Dr. Charlotte Webb
Felipe Petik Pasqualotto
Maria Than
Dr. Carolina Are
Lucas LaRochelle
Nicole Zisman
Ruth Marshall-Johnson
Sabrina Faramarzi
Savena Surana

Jeannette Neustadt 

Co-Authored by

Alex Karantanas
Alexia Achilleos 
Alice Thwaite 
Ama Ogwo 
Andras Cséfalvay 
Andrew Mallinson 
Angela Madzar 
Anna Henschel 
Arda Awais 
Beth Seeboo 
Cami Rincon 
Charlotte Webb 
Daniela Dicks 
Ekaterina Stambolieva 
Elena Falomo 
Ellie Foreman 
Emilija Gagrčin 
Emily Roderick 
Esther Marie Christensen 
Felipe Petik Pasqualotto 
Finn Weaver 
Frederik Lyngsøe 
Gil Sherman 
Gillian Arnold 
Hassan Hafsa 
Imogen Malpas 
Irina Buzu 
Jeannette Neustadt 
Kristi Cunga 
Lucas LaRochelle 
Maanushi Goel 
Mariam Kauser 
Maria Than 
Martin List Syberg 
Martin Skrodzki 
Myrto Aristidou 
Nicole Zisman 
Nika Bakhsoliani 
Orfeas Menis - Mastromichalakis 
Petar Popovski 
Ron Salaj 
Ruth Marshall-Johnson  
Savena Surana 
Sinem Görücü 
Tajwar Aziz 
Tiz Creel 
Victoria Young 
Violeta Mezeklieva 
Vincenzo Ottino 
Yifan He

Produced as part of Generation A=Algorithm

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