The Participants

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Richard Ashton

MA Graphic Media Design (2017)
London College of Communication

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Sabrina Faramarzi

MA Arts & Lifestyle Journalism (2017)
London College of Communication


Megan Louise Visser

BA Fine Art: Painting (2017)
Wimbledon College of Arts


Helen Brewer

MA Interior and Spatial Design (2015)
Chelsea College of Arts


Jelly Luise

BA Graphic Communication Design: Moving Image (2017) Central Saint Martins

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Roxanne Leitão

PhD Domestic Violence, Cyberstalking, Cyberharassment (2019) Central Saint Martins

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Jenny Ryder-O'Regan

Performance, 3D Effects for Performance in Fashion (2018) London College of Fashion

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Clara Finnigan

MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism (2019) London College of Fashion


Rhiannon Williams

MA Narrative Environments (2018)
Central Saint Martins

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Daseul (Shuri) Kim

BA Womenswear Design (2017)
London College of Fashion


Joëlla Vera Bril

BA Creative Direction for Fashion (2016)
London College of Fashion


Zoe Wheeler

BA Fine Art (2014)
Wimbledon College of Arts


Eden Clark

BA Fine Art (2019)
Central Saint Martins

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Toshika Kosako

MA Graphic Communication Design (2018)
Central Saint Martins


Torisheju Francesca Dumi

BA Menswear Technology (2018)
London College of Fashion


Lucy Samantha Martin

BA Fashion Journalism (2017)
London College of Fashion


The Futures Team

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Luke Whitehead

UAL Futures Creative Learning Director

Georgina Capdevila

UAL Futures Creative Learning Producer

Charlotte Webb

UAL Futures Learning Coordinator

Conor Rigby

UAL Futures Digital Producer