By running experimental ‘studios’ we bring art and design students and alumni together with educators and creative learning partners to design and evolve the Feminist Internet through cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Speculative Pedagogy

The Feminist Internet project is part of UAL Futures, whose cross-disciplinary, collaborative and purpose-driven Studios bring students, educators and creative learning partners together to prototype creative responses to complex technological, social and cultural questions.

All Futures Studios draw on futures thinking and aspects of human-centred, critical and speculative design. We call our approach Speculative Pedagogy, pointing to the experimental, future orientation of our thinking and making. We firmly believe that cooperation and collaboration rather than competition should underpin cultural production, and bring this philosophy to everything we do.

Studios are delivered by a core team, and a network of learning partners who bring methods, perspectives and wisdom from the creative industry and the worlds of art, design, fashion, media, technology, science and culture.