What is a feminist technology - what does it look like and how is it made?
How can we ensure that technologies produce feminist ideologies?


Dr. Phoebe Moore
Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Middlesex University London

Dr Phoebe Moore is an active researcher and has been teaching International Relations and International Political Economy since September 2000. She has published several books and articles about labour struggle, industrial relations and the impact of technology on workers' everyday lives. She works with trade unions, researchers, businesses and social movements around the impact of technology on work, vocational training, education reforms and industrialisation.


Gretta Louw
Artist and writer

Gretta Louw is an artist and writer who was born in South Africa but grew up in Australia. She has participated in residencies in Australia, Israel, and the US, and her work has been exhibited in New York, Berlin, London, Jakarta, and Tel Aviv. She has written for Hyperallergic, Furtherfield, and DigiCult, and she has published two books: ‘Controlling_Connectivity: Art, Psychology, and the Internet’ (2012) and ‘Warnayaka Art Centre: Art in the Digital Desert’ (2013).


Alex Fergusson
Psychotherapist and gender equality Educator

Alex Fergusson is a psychotherapist and gender equality educator with a commitment to bridging the personal and the political. He is interested in the emotional and affective qualities of gender and how they order intimate spaces. His work with boys also includes deconstructing technologies of men’s domination of women, including porn and advertising.

Panel discussion chaired by Charlotte Webb (UAL Futures).

Wednesday 19th July 2017, 6:30pm - 8pm
LVMH, Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA, United Kingdom