The Feminist Internet ERASES feminism.

If the Feminist Internet is successful, we will have erased the need for feminism.
It creates a world where nobody is oppressed, silenced, exposed or confined based on sex, gender, race or disability. It is a space that causes no harm, and where all people are equal.


The Feminist Internet INTEGRATES the physical and digital.

The Feminist Internet moves fluidly between the online and offline, understanding that both make up the everyday experiences of those with access to the internet. We use the online to affect change offline, and the offline to affect change online.


The Feminist Internet COOPERATES not competes.

The Feminist Internet is against the competitive individualism of today’s world. It believes in collectively building an internet where information and opportunities can be accessed by all. It is not driven by a profit motive, but by a belief in the power of solidarity.


The Feminist Internet ERADICATES violence.

The Feminist Internet enables the systematic dismantling of all forms of online violence including rape culture, hate speech, and trolling. It abolishes unlawful rape porn sites/pornography and any other material contributing to rape culture.


The Feminist Internet REDEFINES value.

The Feminist Internet sees value not in money and profit, but in human bodies and the forms of exchange they perform, such as positively contributing to the internet, doing housework, or volunteering. It redefines value by understanding capital as social, cultural and emotional, and that value should not be exploited for oppressive means.


The Feminist Internet CONFRONTS uncomfortable truths.

The Feminist Internet looks itself in the mirror and is aware of its own privileges and powers. It acknowledges the negative experiences of marginalised groups, and supports their online movements towards greater equality. It does not swamp its users with distractions from the needs and concerns of their global peers.


The Feminist Internet
RE-CODES gender.

The Feminist Internet challenges preconceptions of gender to bring a variety of experiences to the surface. It does not guide or police experiences according to perceived gender and allows all experiences to be broadcast, erasing the limiting myth of the universal ‘type’ of person.


The Feminist Internet EDUCATES.

The Feminist Internet believes that education is the key to eradicating ignorance and prejudice. Through listening to and learning from its multitude of voices and their stories, it asserts that there is no one universal experience or learning style. It enables access to all information, but particularly promotes education around sexual health and identity politics.