The Feminist Internet Manifesto (v 1.0) was created on 4 September 2017. The directives were written by consensus by a group of students and educators at University of the Arts London. Our rule was that no directive could be included in the manifesto if anyone in the group was not 100% behind it. Each point is designed to guide the Feminist Internet team and the wider public towards creating a fairer and more equal internet for all.


The Feminist Internet...


The Feminist Internet Manifesto version 1.0 was created by:

Charlotte Webb
Clara Finnigan
Conor Rigby
Eden Clark
Georgina Capdevila Cano
Helen Brewer
Jelly Luise
Jenny Ryder-O'Regan
Joëlla Vera Bril
Lucy Samantha Martin

Luke Whitehead
Megan Louise Visser
Rhiannon Williams
Richard Ashton
Roxanne Leitão
Sabrina Faramarzi
Shuri Kim
Torisheju Francesca Dumi
Toshika Kosako
Zoe Wheeler


With the support of:


Andres Colmenares
Abbie Freeman

Dani Pearson
Dave Russell
Diann Bauer

Hannah Robinson
Hanna Naima-McCloskey
Jasmina Tesanovic
Julie Canon
Kerri Jefferis

Maksilimilan Kahled
Pau Garcia
Samantha Miller
Sara Shahvisi
Tina Gorjanc