There is no feminism,
only possible feminisms.

There is no internet,
only possible internets.



To advance internet equalities for women and other marginalised groups through creative, critical practice.

Internet equalities means equal rights to freedom of expression, privacy, data protection and internet access regardless of race, class, gender, gender identity, age, belief or ability.



The internet holds huge potential for liberation and political transformation. However many of society’s inequalities are encoded in its structures, processes and communities. Whether it’s digital platforms allowing online abuse against women, lack of workforce diversity in the tech sector, biased data collection reinforcing privileges or sexist naming of subservient chatbots, there are many issues to address. Feminist Internet is here to intervene and ensure an equal and just internet for all.




Research and development

We identify and share insights and cultural values around gender equality and the internet. The intelligence we gather informs all Feminist Internet practices.

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We help brands and organisations create and navigate conversations about gender equality by providing market insights and creative ideation.

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We support the development of technologies that advance internet equalities for women or other marginalised groups. Prototypes are created through Feminist Internet workshops in a range of educational and public settings.

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Public Programme

We work with schools, universities, cultural institutions and organisations to deliver workshops, events and experiences that bring Feminist Internet ideas and opportunities to a diverse public.

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The Feminist Internet's work is defined by an evolving, collectively created eight-point manifesto.


"The fascinating campaign for a feminist internet and how we can all help to change the online world"

AMELIA HEATHMAN, Evening Standard