An experimental studio inventing new futures through radical collaboration.

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Empowering students with creative attributes for collective futures.


How might the internet strengthen feminist movements and advance women’s rights at a local and global level?

This Futures studio will bring UAL students and alumni together with educators and creative learning partners to design a ‘feminist internet’ through cross-disciplinary collaboration.


"A feminism of unprecedented cunning, scale, and vision; a future in which the realization of gender justice and feminist emancipation contribute to a universalist politics assembled from the needs of every human, cutting across race, ability, economic standing, and geographical position."

Laboria Cubonix, the Xenofeminism Manifesto.


Research Themes

During the Feminist Internet Futures Studio, participants will develop self-directed projects responding to the idea of designing a feminist internet, imagining alternative futures in which gender inequalities are re-balanced.


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Feminist Internet Futures Studio

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We call our teaching philosophy ‘Speculative Pedagogy’. It blends futures thinking and aspects of speculative, human-centred, critical design.

We use this as a framework for experimenting with a purpose-driven, imaginative approach, where students produce their own learning and creative processes.


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