Feminist Internet were invited to take part in DEFRAG, a new event series staged by Somerset House Studios, exploring the role technology plays in the development, production and consumption of art and culture.
We presented the Feminist Internet Digital Clinic, which explored the issue of online abuse and harassment. We framed online abuse as a virus infecting the internet, and designed our clinic to help fight back and initiate a healing process. Visitors were transformed into antibodies, and empowered to take actions that can neutralise the infection of online harassment.

Read the event re-cap by Lizzie Masterson here: Part 1 - Presentations, and Part 2 - Panel Discussion.


We presented a series of talks by our Feminist Internet Digital Clinicians:

Helen Brewer - Artist and activist

Clara Finnigan - Butcher, baker, candlestick maker, patriarchy dismantler. Bad at rhyming.

Jelly Luise - Nomadic lizard.

Conor Rigby - Digital & motion designer. Researching, practicing and sashaying through queer culture.

Caroline Sinders - Machine learning designer, artist, and digital anthropologist obsessed with language, culture and images.

Dr Charlotte Webb - Artist, researcher, Chief Leopard of the Feminist Internet.

Rhiannon Williams - Poet and artist, interested in nature, gender, mythology, film, and the future.


And an amazing panel of subject experts:

Cllr Seyi Akiwowo - Locally elected politician in East London, and the youngest black female Councillor in Newham. Founder of Glitch!UK, an online abuse campaign. @seyiakiwowo

Travis Albanza - Performer, writer and thinker based in London. @travisalabanza

Amine Dhrodia - Researcher in the Technology and Human Rights Team at the Amnesty International Secretariat. @snazzyazzy