With increasing attention on gender diversity and demands for gender pay reporting, many brands and businesses are looking to become credible advocates in this area. There are several reasons gender equality is good for your business:

  • You are not effective if you are not addressing the issues of 50% of the world’s population.

  • Your products and services will be better if they are inclusive or promote gender equality.

  • There is an image risk associated with not addressing gender equality.

If your brand or business is starting to think about this issue and would like some support, Feminist Internet can help. We can help you create and navigate conversations about gender equality by providing market insights and creative ideation.

  • Articulating cultural values and what they mean for businesses.

  • Freeing businesses from stereotyping when trying to reach audiences.

  • Creating value-driven products, services and communications.

  • Practical methods for creative ideation and product development.

If you would like Feminist Internet to deliver a workshop or provide insights for your organisation, please contact