About Feminist Internet



Despite huge progress, we still have problems when it comes to gender equality. These include the relentless commodification of women’s bodies, the dominance of males in the technology sector, the gender pay gap, the marginalisation of women from black and ethnic minorities, and prejudices expressed towards members of LGBTQ+ communities. The Feminist Internet movement is here to intervene, building an equal and just internet for all.

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By running experimental educational ‘studios’ we bring art and design students and alumni together with educators and creative learning partners to design and evolve the Feminist Internet through cross-disciplinary collaboration. The first Feminist Internet Studio took place in September 2017, when 16 UAL students and graduates co-produced a Feminist Internet Manifesto, which forms the core of the Feminist Internet movement.



The Feminist Internet project is part of UAL Futures, a University-wide initiative exploring the futures of art and design education in order to shape student experience in the present.   UAL Futures’ purpose is to enable University of the Arts London to adapt to the transformative effects of emerging technology on creative practice, careers, and creative learning and teaching.