Feminist Internet is a University of the Arts London project, supported by Careers and Employability, the Teaching and Learning Exchange and UAL Futures, bringing UAL students, staff and industry together across disciplines to invent better futures.

The internet is a sprawling force that holds the potential for liberation, creativity and political transformation. However, many of society’s inequalities are encoded in its structures, processes and communities. Whether it’s the predominance of women suffering from online trolling, the relentless commodification of people’s bodies, the dominance of males in the tech sector, unequal pay, the marginalisation of women from black and ethnic minorities, or prejudices against members of LGBTQ+ communities, there are still many problems to respond to.

The Feminist Internet movement is here to intervene, building an equal and just internet for all. It all starts with the Feminist Internet Manifesto. We are artists and designers who believe in the power of creativity and criticality to transform how the world unfolds, and how it is understood. We believe there is a need to go beyond current definitions and images of gender, race and class. We are using our imaginations and our collective solidarity to intervene in the development of the web to ensure it promotes gender equality, equal rights & justice for all.